configuration / compilation

David J. Fiddes D.J at
Wed Aug 9 20:52:48 UTC 2000


>  Has anybody configured the rtems-4.0.0 on cygwin / NT ?

This combination doesn't really work very well without a lot of tweaking.
The best solution at the moment is to install the latest version of Cygwin
(1.1.4 at the moment but it seems to change daily), symlink cc to gcc.exe
(using "ln -s gcc cc" in /bin) and install RPM, perl, autoconf and automake
RPMs as linked to from the cygwin site (
If you then use RTEMS-4.5.0 (currently in beta but very nearly ready for
release) and use the prebuilt toolset RPMs for your platform you should be
up and running in no time.

hope this helps,

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