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Damjan Lampret lampret at opencores.org
Wed Aug 16 06:32:33 UTC 2000

You can look at OR1K, OR32 and OR16 like this:

- OR1K is like MIPS or ARM (architecture that covers OR32 and OR16 and is 
common to both)
- OR32 is like MIPS I, II, III, IV or ordinary ARM
- OR16 is like MIPS16 or ARM thumb

Difference between OR32 and OR16 is for example that OR32 can have 3e2
GPRs while OR16 can only have 16 GPRs. On the other hand, CPUs
implementing OR32 and OR16 have same SPRs. Also OR32 and OR16 are not
CPUs, just part of OR1K architecture. CPUs are actually OR1601 (OR16 ISA),
OR1001 (OR32), OR1003, OR1320 etc.

And remember, what I've just said can change at any time. ;-)


On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Damjan and I have had some offline discussions.  There are
> multiple OpenRisc CPUs and we are focusing on the one 
> called the OR32 which is a distinct target from the OR1K
> or OR2K is I understand things correctly.
> We are working through the tool target issues and should
> have patches shortly.
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