Filesystem Development Updates

Asier Santamaria epg9002 at
Tue Aug 22 17:52:49 UTC 2000

I am doing a small project for a MPC823 and I am working with RTEMS like OS.
At this moment I have port "successfully" (I need to test more thinks) the
FreeDOS FAT16 to my project.
I am using Linux like a host (Unix/Posix) and the FAT16 file system is
running with RTEMS. The problem is that I haven't design the final ATA
Driver yet.
At this moment I have a SimulATA Driver, a simple binary file (170Mb)
simulating a HD. The file system has entries to this driver asking for
specific sectors (x Head, y Cylinder, z Sector) and my SimulATADrv
read/write on the huge binary file simulating a HD.
I make a test program with these tasks:
Task 1: Print the time/data.
Task 2: Make a Folder
Task 3: Copy a File.
Task 4: Dir
Task 5: Delete the folder and the file.
Task 6: Null (While(1))
All the tasks are working OK.
Now I need to start working with the MPC823. I am doing the BSP for the
FADS823 (network driver, clock....), and the real ATADrv.
But I have some problems to debug. I need to debug with the BDM connector,
and as I know there are two ways.
1- Work with Cygnus, and use the magraigor DLL. (I am using the Magraigor
Wiggler). With thinks do I need?, how can I configure the GDB working with
this BDM wiggler?
2- Use the Rproxy, but I don't have another PC.

I need to solve these problems and debug all the code. If one day I have
something more stable, and a bit of time, I will document that.
Asier Santamaria

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I am curious what the status of all the filesystem development
projects is...  Anyone care to share news?  :)

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