Filesystem Development Updates

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You can find more information about FreeDos here:

I take the FreeDOS Kernel version 1.1.18, also known as DOS-C, originally
written by Pasquale J. Villani.  The FreeDOS Kernel is available from It's also available from (somewhere on there).
Then the only thing that you need is take from the kernel the source of the
file system (FAT16/12) and make a few changes for the RTEMS.

About Win4Lin. Can I work with the Rproxy only with one machine?
Asier Santamaria
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At 18:52 22/08/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>FreeDOS FAT16 to my project.
What is it and were one can find any references to it?

>1- Work with Cygnus, and use the magraigor DLL. (I am using the Magraigor
>Wiggler). With thinks do I need?, how can I configure the GDB working with
>this BDM wiggler?
Look at help of "target OCD"

>2- Use the Rproxy, but I don't have another PC.
Today you can run rproxy using Win4Lin - very nice working thing.

Leon Pollak
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