Patch for webserver balloc.c

Antti P Miettinen antti.p.miettinen at
Wed Aug 30 20:31:08 UTC 2000

"Nick.SIMON at" <Nick.SIMON at> writes:
> I was running into some problems with memory allocation in the webserver.
> The following patch adds the changes GoAhead put in their version 2.1.  One
> day there might be time to port 2.1 to RTEMS - but in the meantime, this
> seemed to improve matters.

I've been running 2.1.3 for some time. Actually it has been by test
app for rdbg work :)

"Porting" was quite easy - steal part from netdemos, part from
libnetworking/rtems_webserver/ and compare to Linux/eCos/VxWorks
ports. I've sent mail to goahead about whether they would be
interested in bundling RTEMS support into webserver distribution but
so far I've received no reply.

Antti Miettinen
Nokia Networks

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