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Tue Dec 5 22:52:11 UTC 2000

A bit of progress (tiny one) is attached.  I have added some
to which lets you do this

../runall --> native
../runall TARGET --> use TARGET

It sources a config file in the config directory to get the
definitions of the routines.  I think this is sufficient to 
do it. :)

I am trying ot run things natively on the 3.13p binary from ACT
as a starting point.  I am getting to this point.

gcc -c widechr.adb expect signed integer type in instantiation of "Num" instantiation abandoned
gnatmake: "widechr.adb" compilation error
+ [ 4 -ne 0 ]
+ echo Failed to compile widechr
Failed to compile widechr
+ exit 1

Could you take a look and see what is wrong?  It looked like some
of the paths were wrong on sed's since I was getting errors.

FYI I also added code to detect that directories such as download
and mod were missing and to create them in that case.  


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