RTEMS snapshot ss-20001211 available

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Tue Dec 12 14:02:50 UTC 2000

A new snapshot ss-20001211 is available at:


Highlights are:

  + removed warnings.  PPP users be warned!! I eliminated
    a LOT there.
  + tx39 simulator BSP now runs hello world.  Help/advice
    appreciated on getting the clock tick to work. :)
    Also having trouble with global destructor construction.
  + arm BSPS now all completely compile and link tests.
  + pc386 console driver should be fixed now.  Calibration
    routine should work on all PCs.  Plus I removed warnings.
  + Worked with Laurent Guerby to run ACATS.  We should see
    an update of the scripts soon after I get him an update.
  + GNAT RPMs now properly constructed but gnat 3.13p patch 
    for gcc 2.8.1 is horribly broken for SPARC and the 
    generated PowerPC toolset won't link hello world.  At this
    point, focusing on the upcoming merger is best.

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