Multiuser environmnet

Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail) fernando.ruiz at
Mon Dec 18 18:46:44 UTC 2000

I am working around a multiterminal environment.
I need manages remote terminals (like telnetd) but
I have a little problem.

The shell task starts with a termios io-device

I open a new stdin,stdout & stderr with the new device.

(Only fopen, I can't freopen...)

All works well but:

The prompt shows the currentdir like Linux.

The system store this in a GLOBAL variable

rtems_filesystem_current (and umask also).

When a user exec chdhir all the users in the systems changes.

I find in libc that with a extension all the global variables are
moved at reentrants variables with impure_ptr (_REENT).
All of this will be easy if the enviromnet fs variables are pointers and

With a little rtems extension is possible to give a pretty solution.

Is it possible think about of this?

Is there a best solution to avoid it?

Thanks in advance.

Anybody interested about of this?

The idea is to make a monitor (more user frienly, think linux) in every
termios terminal.

This runs ok already.

With a litle telnetd server (easy) is possible build a complex remotely
system managed.

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