Questions with RTEMS install on WinNT - Cygwin

Jowell, Chris {AVL~Roswell} CHRIS.JOWELL at ROCHE.COM
Tue Dec 26 15:37:41 UTC 2000

            I'm trying to install RTEMS (M68K target) on a WinNT - Cygnus
platform and I'm slightly confused:
1st The FAQ describes unpacking various tarballs and then applying patches
to them. However poking about OAR's ftp site I've found tarballs labeled
"rtems-base" and "m68k-rtems"  
What are these and how do I use them?
2nd The FAQ specifies version of binutils (and all of those
interesting tarballs I found are the same version) but the VA Research FTP
site listed has long since moved on to newer versions
            Where else can I find that specific version?
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