Multiuser Environment

Fernando RUIZ CASAS correo at
Thu Dec 28 21:36:08 UTC 2000

Are you interested to make a Multiuser environment?

I have already a multiterminal environment with a independent
shell (like monitor but more user friendly) with all the monitor
commands added and more. I can add linux,minix commands easily
(od.c, date.c for example have been added)

I work now to build a real pseudoterminals.(Remote sesions)

I build a environment with a filename for a terminal (real o pseudoterminal)
/dev/com1, /dev/pty0, etc. Atfer the system start a new task where
the commands are readed from the terminal are processed.

This is a like-telnetd service. This is now running very well.

I have a packet serial protocol to link cpus. Each cpu routes or processes
the packets. The packets contain memory transfer, file transfer, commands,
shell commands, display commands. A small part of this packets builds
the remote shell (telnet port?).

I can start a remote session in a third cpu throw a second that routes all
the traffic.
I need only one serial socket to monitor all cpus.

My idea is translate all of this to tcp/ip but the basis is the same.
(Not for the moment)

Drivers for pseudoterminal and independent shell for each one.

The problem is current_dir, user_id, group_id, etc...

All of this can be joined into environment structure and add a task
var or similar and add a new rtems extension to change it.

Making a little patch in base_fs.c and libio.h in ../libc directory
all of this is resolved. the cheapest patch is to define macros
like this

#define rtems_filesystem_current   uenv->rtems_filesystem_current

The chdir() and getpwd() problem is resolved with this. Very easy.

Are you interested to resolve this? I need resolve it.

We can work together. Do you want?

I only need start ppp into my prototype serial port and after link with my
to build a telned (reduced) service.

Best regards.


correo at
fernando.ruiz at

Be patient with my English but I can speak very well only the Spanish.

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