[RTEMS]RTEMS suitable only for control system?

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Fri Dec 1 22:36:02 UTC 2000

On Fri, 1 Dec 2000, Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Rosimildo daSilva wrote:
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> > From: Jeffrey <jeffrey at antek.com.tw>
> > To: RTEMS mail <rtems-users at oarcorp.com>
> > Date: Friday, December 01, 2000 2:35 PM
> > Subject: [RTEMS]RTEMS suitable only for control system?
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> > >Hi all:
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> > >Some one said that RTEMS is better suitable for control system not for
> > >network product. Its design for network part is not fully supported and
> > >tested. Is that correct ? Thanks in advance.
> What argument did they use to justify this?  Just curious.  As this
> claim is made, it is FUD.  If there is a serious criticism, then
> let's all hear it so it can be addressed.  This is how RTEMS has
> grown.  
> I always want criticism to be technical and specific.  RTEMS has 
> changed a LOT over the past few years and many criticisms against
> one version are gone in the next.  Look at the tool/build situation
> for example.
> > Most Control Systems these days have a network card connection. :-)

1. RTEMS includes a port of traditional BSD which seems enough to support 
   networked control systems. There are  quite a few systems out there  
   which come with better services, smaller footprint, better performace,
   however, the required minimum is definetely here.

2. The traditional BSD and its RTEMS port are far from being optimized to
   build routers or other network devices. However,  other RTOSes do not
   provide router grade networking either, so guys who build routers
   usually go out and by router grade software (say from phase2 
   http://www.phase2net.com) and/or write substantial part on their
   own stuff.

BTW, I am dreaming of making wattcp port to RTEMS, but I do not have time.

BTW, I did not see any reponse on my announcement of multi-thread support
in i386-stub on RTEMS.

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> > Rosimildo.
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