m360 networking

Eric Norum eric.norum at usask.ca
Mon Dec 11 14:38:40 UTC 2000

Mirko Markov wrote:
> Is there some way to add driver for second network in BSP (m360 based
> on gen68360 BSP)? I know how to deal with hardware configuration
> (i. e. settings in network.c), but have no idea how to attach second
> driver to the rest of the RTEMS. I'm planning to use scc2 for second
> network.

You'll have to modify network.c to support two SCCs -- tedious but
fairly straightforward.  If you want you could just copy all of
network.c to network2.c and make the appropriate changes.  This would
use a little more space since none of the code that could be shared
would be shared, but would be the easiest way to modify the driver.

Then you need to make two entries (three if you're using the loopback
interface) in the network configuration.  The drivers are configured as
a linked list.  The networkconfig.h in the netdemos shows how to link
driver configuration structures together.
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