Make Problem with FS flash

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Lots of questions .. :)

"Fernando RUIZ CASAS (E-mail)" wrote:
> Hi rtems members,
>   I try build a FS flash file system.
>   The flash driver works ok with a sector erase cache memory.
>   It is not a harddisk but it works very well.

Be warned .. the IMFS is not as block oriented as it needs to
be to store all data in Flash.  I posted on this a while back.

Thanks for your answer but I think to work in a fmfs in order to build a
complete block oriented filesystem because I need a definitive tool to store
in standard way the information. IMFS is only the starting point to build
the new filesystem. Only the skeleton, not the meat.

I have the basis but the rtems structure tree is sometimes complicated to
the new ideas.

I think first in a extfs flopy disk system (only the information). Working
with this
to translate the concept in a user program and after touch the imfs until to
convert into fmfs.
When I work in total liberty in the user environment I can obtain these
results (a filesystem)
but I need adopt the rtems drivers philosophy because with the multitask
environment this is necesary.

fernando.ruiz at

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