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> On Thu, Dec 28, 2000 at 10:36:47PM +0100, Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
> > After several tries I have writed drivers for flash memory, e2prom
> > (serial like I2C memory), termios 16450 UART and several remote
> > consoles, multiuser environment, etc...
> >
> > Are you interested? My sources are for you if you are interested.
> ¡sí, por supuesto!  :)
> I have i²c EEROM, flash, and a 16550 serial port on my 68331-based
> target.  if your exact hardware is different than mine, it would still
> be good to maintain a consistent driver API for things like flash and
> > RTEMS works very well. I am developping a multicpu (serial linked)
> > telephonic concentrator (public interphone, normal telephony and
> > command telephone) in a prototype. All of drivers works correctly.
> >
> > I would contribute to RTEMS with the sources but I have a problems
> > because RTEMS need sources independent of BSP. I need build the
> > sources into ../libchip/.. directory and the sources
> configurables for
> > all BSP. Now my efforts are based in to develope my BSP. After the
> > generalization of drivers.
> Yes.  :)  I am also at this stage with my drivers.
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Do you want see my driver sources and to share the background?

Perhaps our efforts can be reduced if we share the information to build the

Don't have a little source code to start in the world of drivers is very

We can share it.

I have a web page to put it.
My problem is the english.
Can you translate my spanish?

Best regards.


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