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Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at
Sat Dec 30 21:24:12 UTC 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Fernando RUIZ CASAS wrote:
> >
> > Joel Sherrill wrote:
> > > I would also think that the /dev/null driver could be moved to a
> > > non-SH directory.

> > /dev/null is for a simulated link to console because the hard links are not
> > present
> > when Ralf(?) writed it. (I suppose)
Yep, it was me who introduced it (It is a moderately modified copy
of the test suite's stub driver). And you are right, RTEMS did not
have any filesystem when this was introduced.

> > /dev/null is better to place it with /dev/stub in (?).
No. /dev/null is supposed to be what its name says: /dev/null

What we did when porting the RTEMS to the SH1 was to redirect RTEMS
/dev/console to /dev/null, similarily to using a symlink/hardlink
from /dev/console to /dev/null under unix, but without having nor
_needing_ a filesystem (SH1 are low memory systems :).

We did so, because we wanted to be able to
* run RTEMS without having a physical console attached.
* run RTEMS without having to assign _any_ physical device to a
* run RTEMS without having _any_ console driver.
* and wanted to be able to assign different physical devices to
/dev/console but serial devices.

Furthermore, in general, many embedded systems do not have any
console device, however RTEMS currently (IMO: incorrectly) assumes a
console always to be present.

> /dev/stub is a test fixture and is in the test source tree.
> I think /dev/null could go in libmisc without too much
> worry.
I wholeheartily agree.


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