cp:can't create include/syslimits.h

Smith, Gene Gene.Smith at sea.siemens.com
Tue Feb 1 00:47:42 UTC 2000

I am trying to run the "./bit i386" script and after a long while I get the
following error:

cp: cannot create regular file 'include/syslimits.h' : No such file or

I have searched through the mailing list archives and saw several references
to this problem.  There was a patch mentioned and a recommendation to add
'mkdir include' into a file.  However, it was unclear as to whether either
fixed the problem.  

I added the line "mkdir include" to the file
tools/build-i386-tools/gcc/Makefile at the place where the problem occurs,
however, the file gets recreated by the script so it seems that adding the
line had no effect.

If the suggested patch is the correct fix, which file should the patch be
applied to?

My system is:
	RH Linux 6.1
	9.1G drive, about 20% full
I followed all the instruction to the letter in the Getting Started manual,
I think.

Gene Smith

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