How to seta cross GCC compiler on WIN32

guobing guobing at
Mon Feb 28 03:20:21 UTC 2000

Hi,folks!After I successfully built cross i386-rtemself-gcc on windows Nt 4.0 with cygwin-b20.1,I want to run it in command prompt instead of bash.But i386-rtemself-gcc cann't find cpp.Because in command prompt,I cann't set environment variable GCC_EXEC_PREFIX.I copy cpp from gcc-lib/i386-rtemself/gcc-2.95.2/cpp to /usr/local/bin.Then i386-rtemself-gcc can correctly work.Is it suitable?Another question.I want to use i386-rtemself-gcc together with my RTOS.Except for changing EXE program prefix,I also want to chang i386-rtemself subdirectory name.How to chang them?In configure procedure,Can I use another target name(e.g,i386-RTOS) to substitute target i386-rtemself?How to set them?Any advice will be appreciated.Thanks.

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