How obtain "times" informations

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Thu Feb 10 14:46:52 UTC 2000

Silverio -

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Silverio Diquigiovanni wrote:

> In each bsp of libbsp exist a file called "times" in which are
> archivied the performance of SO with that CPU/BSP.
> How are obtained ?
> I want to calculate they for my BSPs in SH1 and SH2.

I don't remember where this was discussed, but I got them roughly as

 1) edit the file: 'rtems/c/src/lib/libbsp/<CPU>/<BSP>/include/coverhd.h',
    setting all the times in that file to zero;
 2) rebuild RTEMS, ensuring that the test suite is built, but don't
    necessarily install the new build;
 3) run '<BLD_DIR>/<BSP>/tests/tmoverhd.exe' and capture the output;
 4) put the values produced in the test's output back into 'coverhd.h',
    along with notes as to the configuration you ran; and
 5) rebuild RTEMS and this time you may install it.

Hope that works, or that someone will correct me if I mis-remembered.
 - John

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> Thank you very much !
> Silverio

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