GDB Server for m68k

James Housley jim at
Wed Feb 16 03:59:30 UTC 2000

Gus Paolone wrote:
> Hi all;
> Has anybody implemented a gdb server for a m68k target? I'm particularly
> interested in  "set breakpoint, step, etc" functions.
> I'm interested in connecting my target (68360) over a serial port. I'm
> familiar with the gdb serial protocol, but I expect implementing code to
> manage debug control such as "step" to be difficult to implement.

The driver there is old, as is the web site.  I am working on updating
the driver so it will work with an ELF (3.x) Kernel.  I expect to have
something in a week or so.

This is a port of the Linux BDM module for the 68332, into FreeBSD.  It
fully implements break, step, next, mem examine.  I should be getting my
target board TMW and will check and post my stuff shortly.

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