GDB Server for m68k

James Housley jim at
Wed Feb 16 19:29:00 UTC 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> kjoutwater at wrote:
> >
> >      How about a m68k remote stub that could also be configured to use
> >      ethernet instead of a serial port?  Now THAT would be handy!
> Eric and Emmanuel will be the ones to comment on this more accurately
> but
> I have wondered something similar. The RTEMS remote debug server
> currently
> only supports TCP/IP connections.  What would it take to let a serial
> stub talk to it?  I know that it could be done if you ran PPP/SLIP on
> the
> target board but is there a simple middle ground where a simple serial
> interface translated requests to the existing RTEMS debug server?
If by remote you mean being able to use a BDM cable, like the P&E
Micro., to a compatiable CPU, it 68332; then I have some code that will
let you do this on FreeBSD.  It is based upon code for Linux.  I have a
patch set for gdb-4.16.  I am working on bringing those over to gdb-4.17
today and TMW.  Look at if the DNS hasn't
made it you you yet will work also.

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