82596 ethernet driver for rtems-bsd - where is it?

Smith, Gene Gene.Smith at sea.siemens.com
Fri Jan 7 22:23:33 UTC 2000

I am looking into the possiblity of using rtems on a custom/legacy 386sx
board that we produce (no rtems bsp yet exists). It also contains a 82596
ethernet controller. I found the following message on the rtems mailing list
archives posted back in Aug but no response was listed:
Like Marcus, I also cannot find the referenced driver in the rtems
distribution which I recently downloaded. Does it actually exist?


Text of message from back in August '99 follows:


I'm looking for the above mentioned Ethernet driver. Joel Sherrill wrote
me the following:
> I think this is now in the i386ex BSP and at least one other.  

> /* uti596.c: An 82596 ethernet driver for rtems-bsd.

> is the top of the file's comment block.

> Erik Ivanenko wrote this so ask on the main list.

(I looked in rtems-4.0.0/c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/i386ex,
rtems-4.0.0/c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/network seems to use another
ethernet controller.)

But I really can't find it.
Can anyone help me?


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