System halt when out of network buffers

Nick.SIMON at Nick.SIMON at
Wed Jan 19 15:22:26 UTC 2000

Dear chaps,

rtems_glue.c kmem_malloc contains:

        if (networkDaemonTid) {
                if (waitflag == M_WAITOK)
                        rtems_panic (
"Network mbuf space can not be enlarged after rtems_bsdnet_initialize()
"returned.  Enlarge the initial mbuf/cluster size in rtems_bsdnet_config.");
                return 0;

This means that if the network throws lots of data at us, we stop.  This is
quite easily done to my 50MHz mpc860 board using ping -f.

It would be better to lose packets than to croak - has anyone crossed this
bridge already?  Comments, patches etc. gratefully received.


-- Nick Simon 

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