M68k C++ Exceptions working!

Eric Valette valette at crf.canon.fr
Fri Jan 14 13:33:30 UTC 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:

>   + use the --enable-cplusplus configure option to add this context
>     switch to each task.  OR

Sorry to jump in but I may add the following (especially regarding the
recent discussion on the interrupt void* argument to hanlder). A single
per thread data software register is usually usefull for multi-thread
programming. It enables thread executing the same code to store and get
information that is thread specific while not being contained in the
current language local variables scope. This is very similar to having
several interrupt handler executing the same code BUT some per board
specific data (with the notable exception that there is no slocal
variable scope for the primary handler). A single registers can then be
multiplexed by libraries/managers needing to store thread specific info
without seraching a table by the ID of the thread.

This feature is available at least in ChorusOs and probably in other
RTOS as well...

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