[Help Me] Download and running problem with 68360

Chris Johns ccj at acm.org
Mon Jun 5 04:44:47 UTC 2000

"Kim, Jeong-Hwan" wrote:
> What do you think the reason of this problem is...??

Use the load command not the run command. Check the following online
doco. It is referencing the Coldfire but should be similar for the
CPU32 :


> I modified "linkcmds" file and init68360.c in startup directory because
> the board memory map is different from a demo bsp board.

Ok, so the code is mapped to RAM. Are the RAM chip selects being
programmed by an init script ? Some example are in the BDM package.

> I found "OAR copyright" message part in RAM memory, so I thought the sample program was
> downloaded successfully.

Do you set the $pc and $sp to point to your code ?

> However, Is there any method that assure a program is downloaded successfully ??

I do not know of a load verify in gdb.

 Chris Johns  Networks, mailto:ccj at acm.org

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