GDB-BDM erratic phenomenon

Kim, Jeong-Hwan frog at
Wed Jun 7 14:47:41 UTC 2000

CPU is MC68360 and gdb patch is gdb_4.18_bdm.
The wrong operation of my bdm board may result from just my soldering mistake,
not schematic problem.  
I used RESETS instead of RESETH.
Does it affect the operation of BDM ?

Not connecting Vcc to the bdm board, I ran chk program ((ex) chk /dev/bdm0).
The check program wrote and read the Address registers, Data registers and
it converted PC to 0.
I seemed that the check program read and wrote reigsters correctly.
( For each register "..........................." was displayed and no error message )

But I'm not sure it operates normally - because when I connect Vcc to my bdm board
it returns errors and when I ran executable files with gdb its result was not good.

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What CPU, and which board ?

If you are talking about Frank Przybylski's board you might
check his web site because there where some small problems
with it, also look in the mailing list archive for a mail
from me of a convo i had with Frank.

- Erwin

"Kim, Jeong-Hwan" wrote:
> Hi, everyone
> I have made a gdb-bdm board following a public schematic.
> However, I found an erratic situation.
> When Vcc is connected to the board, the error occurs,
> but when Vcc is disconnected from the bdm board  it operates normally.
> Does anybody see such a pheonomenon?

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