James Housley jim at
Sat Jun 10 20:29:03 UTC 2000

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> This is fabulous news!!  It must have gone pretty smoothly since it
> did not take you much time.
Not too long.  A faster disk sub-system would help, but DUAL CPUs help a

> Not being familiar with FreeBSD packaging, I have a few questions:
> + Is there any revision number like on the RPMs to indicate which
>   patches went with them?
I hove no knowledge of RPM so you have to tell me more first.  But
normally there isn't an adational version attached besides that of the

> + Do your gcc .tgz's have all languages or just C/C++?  The other
>   hosts are packaged to avoid making people download and install
>   things you don't need.
Right now just C/C++.  And I am re-building them all and verifing them
now.  I was up working till mid-night, also cause my daughter was sick.

> + How large did these end up being?  The other binaries are about
>   165-200 Mbytes for all binaries in a single host format for all
>   targets and languages.
They look like 2-5Meg with docs for each.  binutils are one and
gcc+newlib are the other.  Compiled with -O2 and no debug.

> + Is gdb proving hard to build or have you just not gotten to it yet?
Haven't tried yet.

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