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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Jun 12 20:41:13 UTC 2000

Alan Cudmore wrote:
> Hello,
> On your project pages, under ports there is a listing for the MIPS R3000
> port. The text explains that "Volunteer apears to be pursuing this" . Is
> it possible to get a contact for this person, or is there a public work
> in progress anywhere?
> I am interested in an R3000 port.

Port is really a bit harsh to describe this.  It is a second of family
which means that it is only a matter of addressing use of features
not present in the R3000 or taking advantage of features in the R3000
not in other CPUs.

Me too. :)  The projects pages for this needs to be updated to reflect
more information. 

There was a sequence of posts to the mailing list back in December
that gave us the impression that an R3000 was around the corner.
No submission was ever made.  If you would like to follow up
and try to get it cleaned up/submitted, it would be greatly 

The person is " d_luo27 at 263.net".  The thread is
"mips R300 (CW400x--LsiLogic inc.)".  It is archived


I believe that the original mips porter did some testing on an
R3000 series port.  

There is a mips simulator in gdb which might be of some help.

Anything you can find out would be appreciated.

> Thanks,
> Alan Cudmore
> NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center

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