shell for RTEMS?

Chris Johns cjohns at
Thu Jun 22 13:22:56 UTC 2000

Sergei Goloshchapov wrote:
> Does anyone know of any shell program for RTEMS?

Not really a true shell but a simple monitor. I have been slowly working
towards one.

I have taken the monitor code and added a command line editor which is a
little more like the one you would find in a shell. It has a history and
you can insert, delete, etc. I think this is in the lastest snapshot.

You can also register commands with the monitor allowing you not to have
to modify the monitor to use them. I have made a table of the network
status commands. It is nice to have them available.

I have patch, dump, fill, and search memory commands ready to be merged.
These commands need CPU support in libcpu for memory probes which handle
accesses that can cause exceptions. You do not want an incorrect memory
address entered to crash the target.

I have ported a few BSD user commands now. The ported ones are cat, cd,
ls, mkdir, pwd, rm, and stty. The stty one does not work as RTEMS needs
more termios work to support it.

This part of the work is not merged into the RTEMS source tree. It is
slowly happening.

As for using a Unix type shell, some issues are the job control support
they have, plus the lack of an `exec' type framework in RTEMS.

Once the code I have is in RTEMS getting the command line control out of
the monitor is next. I see the filesystem being used here. This would
allow commands to be sorted into directories. At this point an `rtems'
shell will start to take shape. It has to have a small footprint.

This direction is not set and open to input from others.

 Chris Johns, mailto:cjohns at mailto:ccj at

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