observation concerning GRUB

Stephan Wilms Stephan.Wilms at CWA.de
Tue May 2 08:02:30 UTC 2000


My attempts to get GRUB to work led to an interesting observation. 
First of I downloaded the file "grub144.gz" in:
(I confirmed that it was a correct binary mode download)

Next I looked at the README file and (on my Linux prompt) entered the 
recommended line:
   dd if=grub144.gz of=/dev/fd0

This did NOT work. The result was a floppy without a valid file system. 
It did not boot and it did not show a directory when querried with 
"mdir a:".

Now we're getting to my observation (and final success): unpacking the 
archive first gave me the file "grub144", which had the exact size of 
one floppy, and writing that file like this:
   dd if=grub144 of=/dev/fd0
(note the missing ".gz") gave me a floppy that DID boot and that 
contained the valid expected files. In addition it executed the RTEMS 
progams successfully.

Interesting, isn't it ?


Stephan Wilms (stephan.wilms at cwa.de) 
CWA-GmbH, Aachen, Germany

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