Coldfire BDM + gdb + RTEMS 4.0 ?

Dario Alcocer dalcocer at
Sat May 13 17:01:28 UTC 2000

I'm working on a Coldfire project, and the developers working with me
want to see if I can get RTEMS running on an SBC5307 evaluation board
using the PE Micro parallel port BDM adapter.

I went to David Fiddes web site, and found gdb 4.18 patches to work with
the Linux BDM driver.  However, RTEMS 4.0 seems to require 4.17,
according to the RTEMS Getting Started manual.

How should I proceed to get RTEMS 4.0 running on the 5307 board using
gdb and the Linux BDM driver?  I reviewed the mailing list archives,
and it wasn't clear whether 4.0 support this configuration.

Thanks in advance.

Dario Alcocer // dalcocer at

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