rtems++ failure help....

John S. Gwynne jsg at jsgpc.mrcday.com
Mon May 22 05:09:46 UTC 2000

I'm trying to make progress in understanding why the rtems++ test program
(beta3) fails on the efi332 (m68332) target.

The code fail in the rtems++ library at


where "task->body(task->argument)" is executed.

a dump of task ("p/x *task") shows...

$6 = {<rtemsStatusCode> = {last_status = 0x0}, name = 0x54413120, name_str = {
    0x54, 0x41, 0x31, 0x20, 0x0}, owner = 0x1, id = 0x8010002, 
  argument = 0xdeaddead, _vptr$ = 0x0}

The virtual pointer table (_vptr) is zero, which leads to my "bus
error" when the virtual function task->body is resolved and 
executed (I think :).

It's not yet clear to me who/when this pointer should be set. When I
try this under Linux with the posix bsp, this table resolves to
"__vt_5Task1". Under the m68k/efi332 bsp, it looks like the table
should point to "force_to_data" (WAG, contains _vt.5Task1) instead of
0x00. At what point should the virtual function table be set in the task
class... compile/linker/loader/run time? (watch point didn't
help... hummm...)

I would appreciate any help in understanding how virtual pointer
tables are created and why it is wrong for this target.

john gwynne
jsg at donet.com

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