Problems with own-bsp bits i/of shared bits in 4.5 b3

Nick.SIMON at Nick.SIMON at
Tue May 23 07:39:25 UTC 2000

Dear chaps & chapesses,

I am currently trying to get going with 4.5 b3, using a BSP loosely derived
frpm the powerpc/eth-comm one.  I have been trying to use my own vectors.S
and clock.c to replace the shared ones in libcpu...mpc860, and have
encountered the following problems:

(1) The functions from console-generic came up as undefined.  I worked
around this by adding console-generic to my BSP, in console.

(2) The clock functions come up as undefined when building the samples.
They are, however, compiled as expected and are present in libbsp.a.

I'm obviously doing something wrong.  My <BSP>/ is:

## $Id:,v 2000/03/21 17:57:01 joel Exp $

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign 1.4

# wrapup is the one that actually builds and installs the library
#  from the individual .rel files built in other directories
SUBDIRS = include clock startup start console network vectors wrapup

include $(top_srcdir)/../../

EXTRA_DIST = bsp_specs times

include $(top_srcdir)/../../../../../../automake/
include $(top_srcdir)/../../../../../../automake/


clock/ is:

## $Id:,v 2000/04/03 14:40:38 joel Exp $

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign 1.4

PGM = $(ARCH)/clock.rel

C_FILES = clock.c
C_O_FILES = $(C_FILES:%.c=$(ARCH)/%.o)


include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/@RTEMS_BSP at .cfg
include $(top_srcdir)/../../../../../../automake/

# (OPTIONAL) Add local stuff here using +=

$(PGM): $(OBJS)

# the .rel file built here will be put into libbsp.a by ../wrapup/Makefile

all-local: $(ARCH) $(OBJS) $(PGM)


EXTRA_DIST = clock.c

include $(top_srcdir)/../../../../../../automake/


<BSP> includes the clock and vectors subdirectories in its

My build cycle is:
(1) Edit sources, .ams
(2) run bootstrap
(3) run configure
(4) make all


-- Nick Simon 

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