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Wed May 3 16:45:10 UTC 2000

"Gu, Yi (Yi)** CTR **" wrote:
> Is PThread compatible with RTEMS native task?

I do not understand the question.

RTEMS has support for 3 APIs:
  - Classic RTEID API             (on by default)
  - POSIX API (includes pthreads) (--enable-posix)
  - uITRON API                    (--enable-itron)

The POSIX API has threads that are POSIX 1003.1b 
compliant.  That makes them compatible with POSIX 
threads packages on numerous UNIX flavors.

Threads/tasks created with any of the APIs can use
services from the other APIs.  For example, Classic
API tasks can block on a POSIX mutex.
> Yi

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