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Smith, Gene Gene.Smith at
Wed May 3 23:12:56 UTC 2000

> From: Smith, Gene [mailto:Gene.Smith at]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 12:43 PM
> Using the 4.5.0-beta2, the build process for my custom made bsp, cp386sx,
> produces the hello_world_c output file test.coff. When I download it with
> gdb I see that only sections .data and .text are sent to the target board.
> When I run test.coff through objdump, it list the sections .reset and
> .initialize as being present but does not show the assemby code for these
> sections.  The code for these is in files
> and the cp386sx bsp is based on the i386ex bsp.  This worked fine with
> (.reset and .initialize downloaded to the target with gdb and assembly for
> these sections was present in the file produced by objdump).  
> I have tried other options on objdump such as -D but these sections do not

> appear as assembly in the dump file.  
> -Gene
Additional information: To verify that my custom bsp was not causing the
problem, I built the standard bsp i386sx (on which mine is based) from the
beta2 source. The resulting file produced by i386-rtems-objdump also
contains no .initial and .reset assembly code. I then downloaded it to my
target (realizing that it can't possibly work) just to observer the gdb
messages. The only thing loaded were the .data and .text sections just as I
saw with my custom bsp. 

Additional possibly related item:
When I tried to use the gdb that came with beta2 (4.18) to download, via
/dev/ttyS0, to my target, it would not work. I had to revert back to gdb
4.17 which was used in 4.0.0 for the download to even occur. Possibly gdb
4.17 does not understand elf format? 


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