Beta2 tools build problem

Mike Davies mikert at
Thu May 4 08:26:14 UTC 2000

In message <200005040646.IAA02338 at>, Stephan Wilms
<Stephan.Wilms at> writes
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know any special tricks that are required to get the
>> i386-elf tools to build under cygwin ?   Has the ./bit script worked for
>> anyone else here under Cygwin ?
>Right within the OAR public FTP area I found a document called 
>"cygwin.txt". It's not very long so I'll quote it right here. Maybe 
>that will help you.
>[ --- begin quote of "cygwin.txt" --- ]
>Instructions from David Fiddes <D.J.Fiddes at>
>Directly from his email...
>Installation is pretty simple. Just unzip the 
>place the installation package (*.tgz) in the same directory. From an NT
>command prompt (9x untested as yet) run "install <install-point>" e.g.
>"install j:\unix". The install program will then create the appropriate
>directories, registry entries and unpack the cygwin tarball into the 


I saw that note too,  but I already have a cygwin installation and I was
worried that there might be problems if I install 2 copies ?

Thanks for your help,

Mike Davies

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