FW: procedure for building rtems-4.5.0beta2

Andrew Bythell abythell at nortelnetworks.com
Thu May 4 13:14:51 UTC 2000

Mike Davies wrote:

> checking for Cygwin environment... no
> checking for mingw32 environment... no
> checking for executable suffix... configure: error: installation or
> configuratio
> n problem: compiler cannot create executables.
> configure: error: ../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta2/tools/build/configure
> failed for to
> ols/build
> Could not successfully configure into build-i386-rtems!

I ran into this problem while building on a Solaris host.  I had a look

  ../../../rtems-4.5.0-beta2/tools/build/configure/config.status (or was
it config.log?)

and it gave me more details about the problem.  ( Turned out that it was
using 'cc', not 'gcc', so I just set $CC=gcc, though that probably isn't
your problem. )

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