Coldfire BDM + gdb + RTEMS 4.0 ?

Chris Johns cjohns at
Sun May 14 22:37:55 UTC 2000

Jake Janovetz wrote:
> Out of curiosity...
> Why aren't the BDM drivers integrated into GDB yet?  I've been
> patching gdb for two years now.  The BDM drivers seem very stable,
> so why haven't the GDB folks accepted them?

I do not think the GDB people have been approached but I could be wrong.

The issues are :

- Copyright assignment to FSF. A few people have worked on the drivers
and I suspect an assignment from each is needed. This should not be hard
to do.

- A couple of variants exist. These should be merged and placed in GDB.
Both variants have features which should be kept.

- How do you provide an OS specific driver with GDB ? 

- Time and effort to perform the above. 

I have talked to all the driver people in the past about this and all
are happy to see the BDM support in GDB. I have seen GDB posts wishing
to see the BDM code merged. I am willing to perform the merge but have
been waiting for GDB 5.0 to be released before starting to bother the
GDB maintainers. I also need to find the time to do the work. This last
one has been missing.

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