GNAT/RTEMS for x86

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Mon May 15 11:11:36 UTC 2000

DuckE wrote:
> Question:
>   If I have the standard distribution of GNAT 3.12p for NT, and would like
> to be able to build programs for an pc386/RTEMS target, do I have to
> re-build GNAT?  Or is it just a matter of re-building the GNAT run time
> library for RTEMS?

gnat 3.12p requires gcc 2.8.1 which does NOT support the embedded 
target i386-elf.  RTEMS i386 targets assume an ELF toolset.  You
will need to back port the i386-elf embedded target to gcc 2.8.1
(there may be patches out there in net land).  Then you have
to build a gnat/rtems i386-rtems toolset.
> Thanks in advance,
> SteveD

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