4.5.0-beta3 failure on FreeBSD 4-STABLE

Ralf Corsepius corsepiu at faw.uni-ulm.de
Tue May 16 08:07:47 UTC 2000

James Housley wrote:
> There has been many change from beta2 to beta3 with respect to build on
> a system who's native make in not GNU make.  But I am still having a
> small problem which I attached my diffs to fix. 

Several ways to work around this issue (Assuming using a
Bourne-compatible shell):

1) MAKE=gmake ./bit_rtems
MAKE=gmake <rtems>/configure ...

2) alias make=gmake

3) MAKE=gmake; export MAKE

cd ${HOME}/bin
ln -s <path>/gmake make
export PATH


cd /usr/local/rtems/bin
ln -s /usr/local/rtems/bin
export PATH


Where on this $PATH is gmake and where is make? gmake has to be
before make on $PATH

[Remark: I would recommend to prepend /usr/local/rtems/bin to $PATH
instead of appending it to $PATH.]

However, there currently are too many unknowns being involved to be
able to find the actual cause of your problems. Therefore we should
try to destinguish between issues with bit, issues with building
RTEMS itself and bugs in the host's setup. 

Could you try to build RTEMS separately from the tool chain with
your original setup and one of the workarounds from the list above
and then tell us what happens.


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