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Kai.Hackenstrass at barco.com Kai.Hackenstrass at barco.com
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i am sure i have used the changed linkcmds file, because there is only this
file named linkcmds. even after recompiling of the whole rtems package (for
information : 4.5.0 beta 2) the result is the same. i do not find the old
start address in all other files placed in the rtems directories. the
default address is 0x80030000 and this pattern is never declared.

? : what must i do after changing the start address in linkcmds :
	- recompile rtems packge ?
	- recompile samples ?
	- other activities ?


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Kai.Hackenstrass at barco.com wrote:
> hello,
> by testing rtems for a new bsp i want to shift the .text segment to a
> address than used for the p4600 bsp.
> trying to set the .text variable in the linkcmds file does not lead to the
> expected behaviour.
> searching all other files for the old .text address has no result, the
> file including this address is linkcmds.
> does anybody know how i can shift the start address ?

That is how you do it.  Did you make sure it got installed and you are
using the modified one?

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