Paths to compiler, binutils etc. in 4.5.0 beta 3 build

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed May 17 18:04:34 UTC 2000

Nick.SIMON at wrote:
> Chaps,
> Having decided it's safe to put beta3 on our main Linux box ('cos the spare
> PC I've been using is S-L-O-W) I'm now getting all the old tools invoked,
> from usr/locals/rtems/bin, instead of the shiny new ones from
> /opt/rtems/bin.
> Where do the CC_FOR_TARGET and so on, in the makefiles, come from?  How can
> I get the 4.5 build to use the new tools without disturbing 4.0 based work?

During the configure process, they come from your PATH.

I think you need to adjust your PATH.

> Thanks In Advance,
> -- Nick Simon

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