RTEMS web server linking error !

Nick.SIMON at syntegra.bt.co.uk Nick.SIMON at syntegra.bt.co.uk
Tue May 23 18:26:18 UTC 2000

A few days ago: Joel wrote: 

> + make a tarfile (or any random binary file)
> + use objcopy to convert it to a native .o file
>   (I think you get the warning here)
> + link using that file.

Now I've come back to this, & done (essentially):

powerpc-rtems-objcopy -I binary -O elf32-powerpc tarfile tarfile.o

& then linked in the tarfile.o, using ld as an intermediate step.  I'm now
getting a fat warning "cannot represent architecture UNKNOWN" at the
objcopy, and undefined _binary_tarfile_start and _binary_tarfile_size.


- Is the warning significant?
- Where do the start & size values come from?


-- Nick Simon 

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