gethostbyname in GoAhead

Chris Johns cjohns at
Wed May 24 12:53:35 UTC 2000

Nick.SIMON at wrote:
> My web server startup is failing because it uses gethostname and
> gethostbyname to find the card's own IP address.  I don't really want to
> have my card registered with any off-card directory servers at the moment,
> is there any way of feeding the card's host entry into the stack so that
> gethostbyname works, or will I have to change GoAhead?

Create a file called `/etc/host.conf' and put in it :


Then create a file `/etc/hosts' and put in it :  localhost.localdomain  localhost

To create file files you need to call `mkdir' then `open' etc.

I have some C code which creates these files which I can send you if you

 Chris Johns, mailto:cjohns at mailto:ccj at

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