PowerPC and IDE disks

Josu Onandia jonandia at fagorautomation.es
Tue Nov 28 17:42:17 UTC 2000


Perhaps someone is interested to know that there is a BSP for the Motorola
PowerPC FADS823 board. It's based on the FADS860 BSP (thanks HongSong Li and
Phil Torre). This BSP is still a bit simple, but I'm going to improve it,
with some time.

The developpment is done through the BDM port using the MPCBDM 2-chip
interface from VAS-GmbH and accompanying GDB patches. With the DDD works

Now I'd like to add to the BSP a device driver for an IDE disk on the PCMCIA
slot, and I would appreciate very much any help or suggestion.


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