MPC860 BDM works with GDB

Josu Onandia jonandia at
Thu Nov 2 08:14:29 UTC 2000

I'm going to start testing my BSP in the FADS823 board, so every info is
By the way, I'd like to point out that the new release of gdb (I'm using
Insight 5.0) has Wiggler support built-in. Has anybody used it?


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> If anyone else has trouble getting their BDM interface to an 860
> target working, check your initialization of the SIUMCR register
> and make sure you are clearing the FRC bit rather than setting it!
> (If your BDM is using the FRZ signal, that is.  If you are using the
> VFLS lines instead, it probably doesn't matter.)
> Now that I understand the problem, I have no idea why it *ever* worked
> this way, instead of only working sometimes.  Duh.
> -Phil Torre (ptorre at

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