State of 16550 driver in libchip

peter.o.mueller at peter.o.mueller at
Tue Apr 3 18:04:13 UTC 2001

We have a 16552 chip on our board. I saw an 16550 driver in the libchip
directory. Can anyone tell me the state of this driver. The readme mentioned that
poll should work, but irq operation was not really tested. The
rtems_termios_callbacks struct is not the one used in e.g. gen68360, so I assume the
driver was not in use for some time.

What is the reference bsp for hooking serial drivers into rtems (gen68360)?
At the moment we do it like this:

rtems_io_register_name("/dev/ttyS1", major, 0);
rtems_io_register_name("/dev/ttyS2", major, 1);
rtems_termios_open(major, 0, 0 /* arg */ &opllCallbacks);
rtems_termios_open(major, 1, 0 /* arg */ &opllCallbacks);

Is this the proposed way?

Is there a list what major numbers are currently in use?


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