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peter.o.mueller at peter.o.mueller at
Wed Apr 4 14:32:49 UTC 2001

> > rtems_termios_open(major, 1, 0 /* arg */ &opllCallbacks);
> >
> > Is this the proposed way?
> Not really.  When using libchip drivers, all you do is provide
> configuration
> information and possibly some register access routines.  I would
> recommend looking at the powerpc/dmv177/console for an example
> configuration.  It illustrates the power of this approach.  That board
> has a mixture of serial devices (68681 clone and Z8530) with each
> chip being optional.
we use the EFI332 bsp at the moment. It seems that this BSP does not use
termios for its 332 cpu internal serial line (console). Is this a problem
when I add some other serial devices using termios?
Another thing that I do not understand:
Who uses the driver table that I specify? Is it necessary to register this
table somewhere in RTEMS?

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