TEXT section in RAM - how?

Sturniolo Jose jsturnio at nec.com.ar
Wed Apr 4 20:03:34 UTC 2001

Hi Ilya,
	I have a linkcmds and c code that allow to do the following:
- De-compresion of Text and Data area, after the first DRAM, SRAM registers
- No Copy of Text,Data area, because the de-compresor work from ROM to RAM
- The compression method is GZIP (the code was borrowed from LINUX kernel)

This method was used because I need a large ROM capacity. It has a "negative
effect", that is the neccesary time to decompress the kernel, about 15
seconds (with a 25MHZ processor) in each boot.

Tell me if you are interested in it, and I'll send you the code.

Regards, José.

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Hi all.

To gen68360 users:

Does anyone have a system which copies from ROM to RAM not only the .DATA
but the .TEXT section too?

How should I modify linkcmds and start.S for this?

Best regards,
 Ilya                          mailto:ilya at continuum.ru

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