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Mon Apr 9 19:16:44 UTC 2001

	Here I'm including a zip file with the files changed to get a
"COMPRESSED" image file.
I'll try to explain how it works, in order to clarify the code:

Basic regions map.
ROM image  mapping:
	First configuration code (BSP, start) and decompresor (@miscgz.o)
	Compresed File containing .text, .data, generated by apl / Makefile
using gzip.
	All the uncompresed code.
	Contains all the code EXCEPT : start.o, init68360.o and @miscgz.o (I
tried to use the EXCEPT keyword at link time, but I got it working when I
was finished with it)

	All the uncompresed data

	Data segment used to hold variables used by the decompresor.

The basic idea is:
The loader code must to be set into  in the .textrom and .datarom segment,
by mean of keywords like :
void _Init68360 (void) __attribute__((section(".textrom"))); 

You can avoid to used these keywords if you use the EXCEPT keyword in the
linker, but this keyword must be used with a entire object file.

Main changes related to original file:
start.S	=> section is .textrom now. ClearBSSandStart function was added.
init68360 => section is .textrom now. After the first settings, the
decompresion function is called (decompress_kernel() )
@miscgz => new file, contains the decompresion code.
apl / Makefile  => you can use this example makefile to build the compressed
image, it use the file.



Jose Sturniolo

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