ICD_BDM and problems with stepping through some instructions

Benshoof, William {17-7~Roswell} WILLIAM.BENSHOOF at ROCHE.COM
Tue Apr 10 17:25:28 UTC 2001


I am using a Motorola 68332ACFC16 with GDB 4.18, BDM patches for Linux,
ICD_BDM driver, and PE Micro debugger.  I have a problem stepping through
some instructions (MOVEL is one) that I wonder if anyone else has
encountered.  The error is bdm_signal_handler: failed to stop chip no
response from target via bdm.  The work-around is to set a breakpoint after
the offending instruction and "continue" to it.

>From reading past user group messages and Pavel Pisa's 6/30/99 document, I
think this might have something to do with internal GDB timing.  

Has anyone else seen this problem?  Found a solution?  Have hints on where
to look?

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